Mellinckrodt German Opportunities

The only AllCap UCITS stock mutual fund with focus on Germany and Switzerland

Benefit from the growth and stability of German companies

Mellinckrodt German Opportunities is the only stock mutual fund that is authorized for public distribution in Luxemburg, Germany, and Austria which is liquid daily and invests equally in stocks from Germany and Switzerland based on a longstanding, well-proven private equity approach.

Why German Opportunities?

Stable growth

Since its launch in December 2013, the performance of the European stock mutual fund that invests with a primary focus on Germany and Switzerland has matched the DAX. Among the leading European stock indices the DAX shows – especially over longer investment periods – the best performance. This, however, comes with high fluctuations in prices. Mellinckrodt German Opportunities fluctuates significantly less than the DAX. With the fund, the unit of measurement volatility is only half as high as that of the DAX. The fund is also attractive for diversification as the selection of the stock certificates follows an industry approach well-proven in the field of private equity. Key stock indices are therefore only slightly correlated.

Private equity approach

The initiators Georg Oehm and Daniel Flaig have assisted with and single-handedly performed numerous corporate acquisitions and sales as well as a number of initial public offerings (IPOs) in Germany and Switzerland in the past 25 years.
As private equity experts they select publicly listed companies for the fund that are identified analyzed, and evaluated based on a longstanding, well-proven industry approach.

Investment universe Europe

The fund invests in stocks from Europe. Due to the experience of the initiators, investments are made with a special focus on Germany and Switzerland. This helps us achieve – in combination with an active management of the cash ratio – a volatility that is significantly lower than that of the DAX.

Daily liquidity

The shares of the public fund can be bought and sold in Germany, Luxemburg, and Austria through all banks, sales offices, and internet platforms on every trading day.
Because we buy companies with both small and large capitalization (AllCap), it is ensured that the fund itself too remains liquid at any time.

Concentrated portfolio of established companies

Twenty-nine publicly listed companies with an average age of 90 years since their inception made up – together with a cash ratio of 6 % – the portfolio of the fund at the end of 2016, with a total volume of over 50 million euro.

Notes on Stocks

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